Johann Heinrich Beck


Johann Heinrich Beck (12 Sept. 1856-26 May 1924), was a noted conductor, composer, teacher, and violinist. Born in Cleveland to Charles and Rebecca (Butler) Beck, he completed his musical education in Europe at the Leipzig Conservatory (1879-82), where he premiered his own String Quartet in C Minor at the Gewandhaus. Returning to Cleveland, he was active in music in the city for many years. Heard frequently in concert as a violinist, he organized the Schubert String Quartet in 1877 and later the BECK STRING QUARTET, which gave frequent concerts during the 1880s. He directed the Detroit Symphony, 1895-96, and appeared with other important orchestras conducting his own works. Together with EMIL RING, he led local orchestras under various names, preluding the formation of the CLEVELAND ORCHESTRA in 1918.